F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you are thinking of switching to BridgeWebs, then some of the information on this page may help.
Can I recover the Scorebridge files?

When ScoreBridge results are uploaded, the results file is saved on the web site. If your PC crashes, you have no backup, and have to reinstall ScoreBridge, or for whatever other reason, you can go into the Members Only area for your club, or the Web Administration and use the "Download" option to email yourself the results file, which you can then save in ScoreBridge.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2013 20:15 GMT
Use an existing Domain Name

If you have an existing domain name, then you can use this. You can either

  • Transfer it to BridgeWebs
  • Create a Forwarding address with you existing supplier.

If you rent your existing web site from a hosting provider including a domain name that isn't used for any other purpose, then it is more cost effective to transfer the domain to BridgeWebs and save the existing rental. There may be a small transfer fee.

Last updated : 23rd Jul 2008 07:53 GMT