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What's New

The latest significant and live release is 2.19e. For information on all 2.18 and earlier releases, see the pages in the guide at Releases. .

The web has moved on considerably in the last few years and Release 2.19 is a completely new version of "Bridgewebs" to allow it to take advantage of the features now available in web design. Essentially, the engine was taken out from under the bonnet, cleaned, made more efficient and replaced. In particular it now takes better advantage of the introduction of HTML5, DOM, XML, AJAX, to name a few Acronyms, which is now available on most browsers including IE. Also, especially, improvements to make it easier to use on Smartphones and Tablets.


Release 2.19e and Editor 4.4

The latest 4.4 version of the Editor is available with 2.19e. This has various improvements and enhancements to the building of the Icon plugins.

Accordingly, 3 extra plugins have been built to match Bridgewebs features

Insert Document - Icon looks like a Book
Insert Picture - Icon looks like a Camera
Insert a suit symbol - Icons look like suit symbols.

The Insert Document and Picture show a dialog with a simple dropdown to correctly insert the URL for the chosen document or picture. A picture can be further editted using the existing Image Properties.

The "Insert Suit" options provide a one-step click for inserting a suit symbol (using special character).

If you have selected a different Editor, it will be necessary to go to WebAdmin - Settings - Options and choose either Editor 4.4 or Default.

Last updated : 14th May 2014 11:31 BST
Guide Search Feature

The "Guide now has a search feature to look for particular topics.

You can search for a specific word or set of 2 or more words (i.e. all present )

Last updated : 24th Mar 2014 11:51 GMT
Backups Accessible

With the extra capacity of the new server it has been possible to provide additional backups that you, the web administrator can use.

  • Weekly - A backup of all of the Bridgewebs sites is taken early (GMT) on Saturday morning
  • Monthly - A backup of all of the Bridgewebs sites is taken early (GMT) on the First of the month

These do take several hours to run, so it is not possible to predict what time that your club will be backed up.

To access these simply change the subdomain or www part of the web address for your club

  • Weekly - from www to weekly
  • Monthly - from www to monthly

You can use these backups to retrieve data that you might have accidentally or otherwise deleted from the live system. For News items, use Cut & Paste.

You can also use these to experiment, probably best to use the monthly. Please note these will be automatically overwritten as above.

Alos, please note, these are in addition to off-site backups which would be used by Bridgewebs for Disaster recovery. For the techies among you, the new server does have "Mirror" disks for additional security.

Last updated : 1st Apr 2014 13:48 BST
Release 2.19e - April 2014 (Beta pre-release)

Release 2.19d  is a beta release of improvements of a minor nature. Release 2.19e is a beta release with more significant changes across the whole of Bridgewebs, therefore needs further quality control and user feedback before release.

  • HTML5
    • The upgrade of Bridgewebs from Images to HTML has continued. In the old days, when Bridgewebs first started, the only way to get some web effects was to use images. HTML5 is a new standard with new features which allows this to be done with HTML coding. The biggest advantage is that the full range of colours and shapes can be obtained just with HTML instructions. In particular 
      • The Bridgewebs "Theme" use of "Shadow" and "Rounded" is now done with HTML5 code. This means that you can now choose the border shape and colour. The upgrade will attempt to switch your site to an equivalent HTML5 setting. However, it may be necessary to go into the "Theme" and fine tune the settings.
      • Two additional "Menu" styles "Button Glow 1" and "Button Glow 2" use the "Border" colour to give a "Glow" to the Menu entry. You will need to go into WebAdmin to take advantage of these.
      • Various "Rounded" corners on the web site have been switched to HTML5 instead of Images
    • The reason for limiting the "Site Colour" to 12 selected colours was because of the number of images that needed to be created. A future release will remove this restriction.
  • Hands
    • A new "Hand Viewer" has been developed which will display the hand dynamically, whether in "Hand of the Week" or Traveller
    • The "Hand of Week" editor has been updated to use this.
    • The "Hand" layout has been updated to make it clearer (in Bridgewebs view, feel free to comment on this)
    • An additional "Larger View" has been introduced which will show the "Hand" as if at the table with "Card Images"
  • Dynamic Travellers
    • Some users have reported problems and performance issues with clicking through Travellers.
      • The Hand and Traveller Information is now downloaded in a compressed format just the once and the switch between Travellers is performed using Dynamic HTML (Javascript) and thus will be more or less instant on newer computers, tablets and smartphones. 
      • The "Hand" layout will be as above.
    • A summary analysis of the Hands for a session is now included showing Average HCP and Number of Voids, Singletons etc. for each player.
  • General
    • Several minor changes.

Currently only available on request from

Last updated : 13th Mar 2014 17:31 GMT
Release 2.19d - February 2014 (Beta Pre-Release)
  • ACBL
    • Use DBASE.csv direct out of ACBScore as a Membership Import file
    • Improve Section buttons especially regarding Multiple Combined Events.
    • Match Uploaded Results over Date, Title and Director (New)
  • Results Display
    • Provision to display Auction if present in results import. (Limited Scoring Software only)
    • Print button for Monthly Calendar 
    • Provide for "Continuous" EBU IMP-VP Scales
    • Provide for IMP Capping (extra #Capmax and #Capmin parameters)
  • General
    • Remember Email where Applicable
    • Improve Case sensitive logging in.
  • Forms
    • Option to specify Mandatory Fields
    • Option to choose which fields are shown in Form List on Public page

Currently only available on request from


Last updated : 17th Feb 2014 09:03 GMT
New style Weekly/List Calendar

A new faster calendar is now available in weekly format, e.g. It will allow the user to choose between a weekly and list calendar.

For example click on Print

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31      


To allow a bigger display, the calendar ignores weekends if no Saturday or Sunday events are present.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2013 18:00 BST
More Efficient Presentation of Results

The results display now allows a mixture of panes which is more efficient. It has been particularly desiged for use on Smartphones and Tablets.

  • The databases have been changed to provide more efficent presentation.
  • The layout and buttons have been revised and made clearer.
  • The player list on the left is now optional to suit smartphones
  • You can have 2 Scorecards open at once side by side
  • If Contracts have been entered, there is an extra analysis of how Declarer/Defender performed.
Last updated : 30th Sep 2013 12:45 BST
More efficient Presentation of Competitions

The competition display now allows a mixture of panes which is more efficient. It has been particularly desiged for use on Smartphones and Tablets.

  • The layout and buttons have been revised and made clearer.
  • There is an extra Non-Qualifier Tab
  • The Player Tab and Events Tab now work in a similar fashion.
Last updated : 27th Sep 2013 17:48 BST

The Member Login and Web Administration Login have been redesigned to, hopefully, make it clearer.

The "Forgotten Password" now sends an email with a link inviting the member to change their password rather than send the password in the email.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2013 18:04 BST
New Scoring Software Upload API Interface

A new Interface (API) for the Scoring software has been provided to make it significantly more efficient and provide extended features. Mainly this will be transparent to most Club Administrators and ceratinly users, but the efficiency may be noticed by scorers.

In addition, the Bridgewebs Player Database feature has been completely rewritten to provide a "Universal" player database irrespective of the Scoring software. This shouls mean that you can synchronize player databases even if you use more than one Scoring software. Particularly useful, if you have a visiting Scorer using a different scoring software who needs a copy of your player database.

Last updated : 30th Sep 2013 12:08 BST
News Editor - CKEditor 4.2

Release 2.19 comes with an updated Editor (CKEditor 4.2).

  • This now includes card symbols as ♥ ♦ and in appropriate colour (was beta tested on 4.1)
  • Handles problems with using the Editor in Safari, particularly iPads, particularly Scrolling
  • Several Bug fixes
Last updated : 14th Oct 2013 12:39 BST
Bulk Email Logs

Improvements have been made to the logging to allow a Club Administrator to reinstate an "Unsubscribed" member. Please be cautious about this to ensure that the the person didn't really intend to Unsubscribe". It also allows you to reinstate a "Blocked Email" where the email has failed to be delivered, again, please be careful about checking that the email is valid.

Increased checks on validity of emails.

In addition, you can view the detailed log of emails sent and what has happened to them. "Opened" or "Clicked" wil definitely have been read. "Delivered" may still have been read, but. in certain cases and with certain email providers, the "Bulk Email" service may not have been sent an acknowledgement.

Last updated : 30th Sep 2013 12:43 BST
User Definable Membership List

A new option has been provided to add a Membership list to a News item

This allows you:

  • to enter the columns to show
  • to enter the sort sequence
  • to pre-define the selection, especially useful used in conjunction with Member groups
  • to choose the number of columns
  • attach to a public or private page.
Last updated : 30th Sep 2013 15:20 BST
Weekly Schedule

You can now create a "Weekly Schedule" and this will be used to automatically extend the Calendar Month by Month at the start of each Month

Last updated : 14th Oct 2013 12:38 BST
Scorebridge Mulitiple Events

If you upload more than one event a day from Scorebridge and have a pre-assigned Bridgewebs Calendar, in Scorebridge "Preferences" - "Web PAge Preferences" tick the "Select from Bridgewebs Calendar when uploading".

This feature was introduced in Scorebridge relatively recently and retro fitted to Release 2.18x, so you may have missed it.

Last updated : 15th Oct 2013 10:17 BST
Competitions with EBU Ranking or NGS Grades

If you club is affiliated to the EBU, you can show EBU Rankings and NGS Grades automatically in your web Site. Enter your EBU club code and password in Settings - Site Details.

Then, the EBU Rankings and NGS will automaticaaly show in the Member Only Tab.

Alternatively, you can choose where to show them. Use the new "News Item" Widget option to add them to a News Item and make the page public or private. Then you can adjust the Member Tab in Web Admin - Menu - Member Tab".

The EBU Ranking and NGS Grades can be used in the "Include/Exclude" option of Competitions. Also the NGS Grades can be handicapped to provide a Handicap competition based on NGS Grades.

Last updated : 15th Oct 2013 10:24 BST
Other Enhancements

This list included some new features which were added as specials in the beta Releases 2.18y/2.18z

  • A standard online url will be used regardless of release which shouldn't then matter with people bookmarking it.
  • Provide Master Point Tables and translastion for smaller countries.
  • Allow for Butler Factoring from Pairsscorer.
  • New Date picker
  • Experimental Drag & Drop to upload pictures

Numerous other minor changes

  • Pick up "Director" from ACBL Game file.
Last updated : 15th Oct 2013 10:24 BST